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Announcing Ebetanet, the Edo Preview Network!

We have just spawned a test network for a beta version of the Edo protocol, which we plan to propose as the next (008) Tezos protocol upgrade.

The code running on the test network is our release candidate for Edo. We anticipate that the beta period will last only one to two weeks before our proposal is final. Please participate by testing it now!

We plan to replace this test network with Edonet, the successor of Delphinet, once we get out of beta and formally propose Edo.

If you are interested in participating in this test network, you can checkout the ebetanet-release branch of the repository and build it from source:

git fetch
git checkout ebetanet-release
make build-deps
eval $(opam env)

Note that you need to have installed the Rust compiler first. To install it, use the same instructions as those for the master branch.

Docker images are also available with tag ebetanet-release.

This branch is configured to join Ebetanet automatically so there is no need to run your node with the --network ebetanet command-line option.

Important note: To avoid mistakes, this branch cannot join Mainnet as there is no --network mainnet option available.

We thank Smart Chain Arena for providing an initial publicly available node.

Cortez End of Support

In a context where Nomadic Labs aims to concentrate on its high value activities, we plan to refocus our efforts on projects and tools that are directly related to the heart of Tezos and its economic protocol. As a result, Nomadic Labs decided to discontinue its support and maintenance of both the Android and iOS versions of the Tezos mobile wallet, Cortez. After a grace period running from now to 15 February 2021, Nomadic Labs will no longer...

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Smarter contracts thanks to Delphi (part 1/2)

Delphi is the successor to the Carthage protocol. Delphi’s main difference from Carthage is that gas costs are lower, so that smart contracts can compute more before hitting the Delphi/Carthage per-operation gas limit of 1,040,000 gas units (gu). In this post we quantify the difference that Delphi’s lower gas costs will make: We start with a description and justification of the Michelson gas model; and then we showcase the expected gains for some smart contracts chosen to illustrate the...

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Delphi, the Latest Tezos upgrade, is live!

This is a joint post from Nomadic Labs, Metastate and Marigold. We’re very happy to announce that the vote on the “Delphi” upgrade to the Tezos network passed a few hours ago (around 13:00 GMT on 12 November 2020.) The upgrade went live immediately afterwards at block 1,212,417. An informal blog post describing Delphi is here, and a changelog of everything that went into Delphi is here. Most prominently, Delphi makes substantial improvements to the...

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The case of mixed forks in Emmy+

Note: This analysis was done with the help of Bruno Blanchet (Inria). The interested reader can experiment with our code used in the analysis. As in the previous analysis, we do not present any security proofs. This is the fourth in a series of posts on Emmy+: After our initial analysis, recently revisited and extended to the partial synchronous network model, we now consider so-called “mixed forks”. So far, we assumed that malicious bakers wanted to undo a transaction. In this post, we consider instead...

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Regular Scheduling For Our Tezos Proposals

The teams at Nomadic Labs, Metastate, Marigold, and DaiLambda have participated in a number of joint protocol proposals for Tezos; some of us have been working on the code since the original launch of the Tezos network, and have been involved with updates from Athens through the recent Delphi proposal. Over time, we have gained more and more experience and have learned what practices seem to work best for updates to the...

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Meanwhile at Nomadic Labs #9

It’s been a while since we published a post in our meanwhile series, and as always we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to improve the Tezos ecosystem. August marked a milestone: we launched Dalphanet, a dedicated test network designed to examine features from all developers involved in submitting the more extensive and long-awaited protocol proposal, including Sapling, a new protocol environment, among other improvements. For more information on Dalphanet see: Agora Forum Reddit On...

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Dexter: Decentralized exchange for Tezos, formal verification work by Nomadic Labs

The Dexter smart contract is the cornerstone of the Dexter. We outline a formal verification of its functional specification, in Coq.

On September 30th, camlCase released Dexter. Dexter is a smart contract empowering decentralized exchange, performing the same function for tez as Uniswap on Ethereum does for ether; it enables trade between tez and any other token implemented by an FA1.2 contract. To this day, the following efforts have been undertaken to ensure Dexter’s quality, including: a security audit by Trail of Bits, Read More

Emmy+ in the partial synchrony model

We’d like to expand on our previous blog post analysing Emmy+. Note: Thanks to input from Bruno Blanchet (Inria). The interested reader can experiment with our code used in the analysis. As in the previous analysis, we do not present any security proofs. To recap Emmy+ is the new Tezos consensus algorithm, adopted in October 2019. Emmy+ improved on the original Emmy (see our post on Emmy+: an improved consensus algorithm).1 In our previous analysis...

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On “Defending Against Malicious Reorgs in Tezos Proof-of-Stake”

Note: We would like to acknowledge Bruno Blanchet (Inria) for his feedback. The interested reader can experiment with our code used in the analysis. We are happy to note a new paper on Emmy+: “Defending Against Malicious Reorgs in Tezos Proof-of-Stake” by Michael Neuder, Daniel J. Moroz, Rithvik Rao, and David C. Parkes in the ACM Advances in Financial Technologies 2020 conference. We are delighted that Tezos and Emmy+ are stimulating independent research activity, and we hope to see much...

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